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The Mark Town Site was built in 1917 by Chicago Industrialist Clayton Mark Sr. and was designed to be used as housing for his rapidly expanding Indiana Harbor Works of the Mark Manufacturing Company of Evanston, Illinois...

...Mark hired Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw to design the model town. The original plan for Marktown was to include housing for more than 8,000 workers and supervisors...

...What makes the Marktown Historic District so unique is the concept and execution of the plan itself. The town was based upon the Garden City Concept of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The closeness of the buildings provides a sense of community seldom found in neighborhoods today...

...It should be noted that all of the houses that were built in 1917 are still standing today and are all fully restorable...

...In 1975 the community and the City of East Chicago placed Marktown on the National Register of Historic Places.

See a comment by Paul Myers, Marktown Preservationist, in our gust book (dated October 4, 2007 ).

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