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Grand Teton

Historical sites
Jun 23, 2008

Teton’s history is mostly about pioneers and ranchers. The most famous site is in Moose – it’s Menor's Ferry Historical District. The ferry once belonged to William D. Menor who came to Jackson Hole in 1894, taking up a homestead beside the Snake River. Here he constructed a ferryboat that became a vital crossing for the early settlers of Jackson Hole Valley. Another site, Cunningham Cabin, is the oldest original pioneer cabin in Jackson Hole. It’s located near US 191, 6 miles south of Moran Junction.

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Phelps Lake and Death Canyon
Jun 22, 2008

It’s a really enjoyable hike: after a short walk through woods you first see the lake from an elevated overlook, then walk down the trail enjoying the view of the lake, and turn to the canyon at a fork (the other trail goes to a beach at the lake). The canyon trail climbs up, but it was not difficult at all: I was not in a hurry, and enjoyed beautiful vistas and friendly wildlife along the way.

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