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Since we were born there, Russia is the country that we visit most often.

Samara bend (Volga river) 2007 - Жигулёвская кругосветка
The great Russian river makes a bend near the city of Samara. Together with the shape of Volga’s tributary, Usa, this bend provides a configuration that allows to make a 250-km roundtrip, always going downstream (you just have to transport your vessel by land for less than 10 km once on your way). Legends say, that a famous Cossack ataman, Stepan Razin, used this way to optimize his raids. We follow his steps. (Or how would you call those on the water?)
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North, summer 2006
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North-West, summer 2005
Pskov, Novgorod, Valaam, Sankt Petersburg
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Vacation in Russia:
friends (in Samara and Moscow);
a resort in the vicinity of Samara
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